I decided to work with Keri after realizing that the thing getting in the way of my success was, well, me. Keri has helped me reframe my thoughts and beliefs, use the science of the brain to reprogram my patterns, and remember that mindset comes first before my screaming success. I am so grateful to have found her!

Katie K. McCarthy

Brand voice mentor for soulful entrepreneurs.

Signs that your mindset and programming needs an upgrade:

How would an upgraded mindset feel? Let’s talk about it:

I’ve worked with so many coaches and very rarely do I walk away feeling like I’ve had a breakthrough…Usually I leave with some clarity and ‘ah-ha’s but not this time.  Keri immediately started asking questions and having me question why I believed what I was saying.  We went DEEP (gently) and immediately I felt movement within my body.  By about halfway through the call I was speaking in a COMPLETELY different tone about my mindset, myself and my confidence within my story.  I’m STILL experiencing shifts even days later!  I am FOR REAL BLOWN AWAY.  I can’t even get enough of Keri.  Everything comes full circle and is so interconnected and working with her on ONE call has changed so many aspects of my life.  I can’t wait to see what my life looks like in a few months from here!

Brittany Zeman

Online Business Manager + Strategist

These 90-minute intensives are designed to get specific results in one area.  They are a great way to get your feet wet and get results quickly!  Each 90-minute intensive is designed around one area.   Feel free to reach out if you aren’t sure which is a better fit for you right now!

With one on one support, we dive deep into creating new beliefs, patterns, and habits that rewire your subconscious brain in a way that creates your life of purpose.   We get clear on that you actually want in your life, the ‘rules’ of the game you actually desire.  We create a roadmap of how you want to feel in your life and create your business and life from there!

I have worked with many mentors and life coaches over the past few years, however, working with Keri has been very different. Keri has a beautiful balance of a nurturing energy with a firm direction. It was clear to me that working with her would push me past my comfort zone and help me pinpoint areas where it would be beneficial to grow. I have so much more confidence and a stronger direction.
Keri provided me with thought provoking exercises that helped me paint a picture of what I want my future to look like. As she always reminds us, “we can choose the life we want to live”!  So grateful for Keri and her passion and dedication to helping fellow entrepreneurs find their footing in this busy, chaotic world. I would recommend working with Keri to anyone who is ready to get serious about the results they are getting and who are ready to welcome the life of their dreams! Our thoughts and our beliefs are what create our realities.  I’m so happy I have learned the tools to create my life by design!
Melissa Impett

Personal Health Coach