Oh, hi! I’m Keri Gavin.

I believe that you can create a life and business you love from the inside out without the hustle grit and grind, but rather alignment, ease and fun!

Did you just question me?  “Sure, Keri!  Whatever you say!”

Is that what you said?  Or was it “That sounds crazy?” I couldn’t tell.

Listen, sister, I hear you. I would have said (and did) think it was crazy too! And if I’m really honest, I actually thought it was impossible.  But here’s the thing… I’m currently doing it,  and you can too.

I’m a mindset and prosperity mentor for women in business.  I help you prosper (i.e. make money, feel happy, make an impact) by returning to your heart.  True story.

Fun Facts

• I’ve run my own photography studio for the past 13 years (because real life is worth documenting)

• I’m obsessed with the ocean and beach and live in a sleepy coastal community (I’m pretty sure saltwater runs in my veins)

I was named after Keri Lotion (true story – thanks, Mom!)

• I believe we are all here for something special (yes, even you – even if you don’t know what that is yet!)

So, let’s recap…

I help woman in business prosper by returning to their heart.

I believe this is the ‘ticket’ the ‘secret’ the ‘special sauce’ because I’ve done it myself and, more importantly, because it’s the work that lights.me.up!

I’ve been referred to as a heart-awaker, a truth teller and a life-changing mentor.

I believe my work is helping you having the courage to really own (and even say out-loud) the desires and talents you have in your heart.  We look at the programming you’ve been running in your brain and make some upgrades so that you can start living your life by design.

Results – What you should know…


After working together some of my clients lives look nothing like when they started – and that’s the point!  So many of us are sleep walking through our lives we don’t even know why we do what we do!  We get up the same way, we get dressed the same way, we drive to work the same way, we make dinner the same way, but have you ever wondered why? Or more importantly, if you even want to do it that way?  What if there is a better way?   We look at the habits, routine and beliefs that are running your life but then we get to create a new system that feels really good and gets you engaging in the life you dream of!  Can you even imagine?

Let’s talk a little bit about what that looks like…

If you’re interested in the numbers, it has looked like this:

Creating 3x the highest sale they have had prior to working with me

• Booking 3 discovery calls within 24 hours of our first call.

• Making 4-5 figures a month in a business that feels like fun

• Selling out group programs with ease and fun and making bank while doing it!

• Feeling confident in their pricing and getting amazing compensation for their gifts

And some of my favorite results from my clients aren’t even SEEN in the numbers:

• Launching a business based in helping others document their family memories so their legacy can live on so that they can share their gifts with the world for good

• Freeing themselves from the outdated stories from the past that have kept them from sharing their light with the world so that they can make an impact

• Kiddos that get a happy Mom who feels fulfilled and is available to be present and actually participate in their activities, homework and soccer games

• Learning how to strengthen their own intuition so that they know the actual next steps to take

• Leaving the anxiety and stress of choosing work or family by creating a life where they are available for kids and family and actually enjoy time together

• Starting a family knowing their business can be intertwined together – not an either business or a family

• Having enough financial freedom to go on the family vacations, buy the nourishing food weekly, pay bills on time without anxiety or fear

• Creating a practice that fills their cup first so that they can serve those around them

• And so much more!

Did you know 80% of success in life is psychology and 20% is in mechanics?

If you are reaching for success and you feel like it’s an elusive thing, that is just out of arm’s reach, there is a good chance it’s the inner game that you need to upgrade. What’s the inner game? I’m so glad you asked.


I like to think about our brain just a computer.  When we are born, our ‘computer’ gets turned on and we start to download information from our genetics, from our environment, and especially from our family.  We are bombarded with trillions of pieces of information every second and our brain has to sift out what is needed information and what isn’t.  The highest level of criteria is what we observe from our immediate surroundings (re: parents and family) and so we start adopting what we see.

We speak the language they speak, we eat the food they eat, and we adopt the beliefs they carry, without even knowing it.

As we get older, around 9-10 years old,  we start discovering that we actually have an opinion that may be a little different than what we have been conditioned into. We start to fight back a bit.. (hello, teenage years.) But most often, we tend to fall back in line with those influences around us; society, family, environment etc.

And then one day years later, we wake up and we are adults.  But get this, we have been sleepwalking through our lives, running the outdated program from our childhood!The even crazier part, we accept these beliefs as our truth. Bananas, right!? 

Can you imagine turning on a computer from 1980 and trying to run today’s apps on it?  Of course not!   But unfortunately, without even knowing it,  that is what we do every.single.day.I’m here to invite you to consider two important questions – Are your beliefs true and are they serving you?

Believe it or not, almost all of us our experiencing our lives through the lens that isn’t serving us. We have adopted these beliefs from experiences, environments and the genetics of our young lives.  As we grow older that becomes our ‘normal.’   This typically looks like scarcity or not enoughness.   Not enough money, time, patience, sleep, client, and the list goes on…  It’s not our fault because we didn’t even know we were becoming conditioned at the time these beliefs became our ‘truth.’  But you are here reading this and now you are in the doorway of opportunity.

You have the chance to shift your views of the world.  In shifting your views of the world you now have the tools to shift your reality.  And believe it or not, there is a hack for shifting your reality. True story. That’s exactly what I help my clients install.

We simply remove the outdated software and install an upgraded version!

I created my business to help woman just like you.  I help women focus on abundance and prosperity.  In my previous business, I had all the hang ups you are experiencing right now.  More and more I was hearing from women who were experiencing the same struggles.  Once I was able to crack the code, I made it my life’s work to share these uncoverings with women just like you.