Heart’s Alignment Intensive

​How do you want to feel everyday? Do you actually know?

The problem is we spend so much time running around checking off to-do lists, getting stuck in the mundane busy work, and losing our spark in the soul sucking tasks that we actually forget the whole reason we started jumped into the entrepreneurial world in the first place.

That reason we started this in the first place, and likely forgot all about it? To experience life.

To feel alive.

To feel love.

To feel happy.

To feel expansive.

To feel safe.

But what does that actually look like?

Maybe it looks like: 

Making enough money so that you can take a family vacation to the beach; filling your heart with memories of sandy toes, windblown hair and echoes of giggling from the kids jumping in the waves.

-Snuggling up on the couch on a rainy afternoon with the one you love because you are financially supported and don’t have to be chained to your computer or phone.

-Only saying yes to clients that light you up and saying no to the clients who don’t.

-Having a schedule that allows mental space built in every day so that you aren’t constantly checking the time and wondering when the next email has to get sent out, or when the next payment will in.

-Creating programs, offers and invitations to people who long for your work that you share with the world so that they can improve their own life.

-Opening your calendar and not seeing 1876 scheduled items.

-Leaving time for you to go for a walk, read a book, or maybe even take a friend to lunch in your routine schedule!

-To feel secure knowing your bills are paid on time and that there is more money in the bank.

Can you even imagine what life would FEEL like if we actually created our life on purpose?

What if we just started there?

What if we flipped this blueprint on its head and started with how we want to FEEL FIRST and THEN decided what actions to take?

What if we decided how we wanted to FEEL FIRST and THEN decided what type of business model to create.

What if we decided how we want to FEEL FIRST and THEN decided how our price points?

What is the result of doing that?

You actually experience the way you want to feel, on the daily. By design.

That is exactly why I created my 90 Minute Intensive, The Heart’s Desire. This 90 minute intensive is custom to you and is designed to peel back the layers of other peoples stories and dive deep into creating your life by design.

We will use powerful exercises to connect straight to your core desires in a way that lights you up and allows you to see a clear roadmap to the life you want to live.

This roadmap will support your vision of your life by tapping into exactly how you want to feel every single day.

This new roadmap could translate to:

-experiencing joy daily because you’ve created boundaries that support you!

-feeling excited to jump out of bed and serve your people so that you can make an impact.

-shining your light in an authentic way so that you give others permission to do the same.

-dropping the overwhelm of ‘too much to do’ now that you are acting from a place of alignment, ease and flow.

-freeing yourself from the shackles of missing family and friend time now that your schedule has structure and intention.

-strengthening your muscle of intuition so that you can learn how to act on the impulses that are in service to your heart, mission and tribe.

-clarity in every task you do so that you aren’t wasting time and energy.

-saying hell yes or hell no immediately – no more straddling the fence so that you get results faster.

-true alignment in who you are so that you can make the impact you know you’re here to make.

If you are ready to get super clear on what you actually want, this is for you.

If you are ready to take personal responsibility in your life and create your life by design, this is for you.

If you are ready to get off the indecisive train and start living intentionally and become aligned with your heart, this is for you.

How much longer are you going to shelf your dreams?

How much longer are you going to pretend its working?

You can stop the suffering by deciding. Deciding on your desires is the first step to creating your life and business by design

The investment for the Heart’s Alignment intensive is $1500 — Click Here to Apply!