The tapping pitter patter of the rain echoed against the skylights.
The aroma of my hot hazelnut coffee filled the room as my favorite mug sat beside me.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and cracked open my computer.
My fingers danced across the keys and I pulled up the questionnaire for the participants who have previously taken the Worrier to Warrior program.

My heart was called to look at the data.. I knew there was something there.

I began slowly scanning each entry, each word, and allowed myself to experience of the feelings as those words pulled at my heart.
Reading the words that these incredible women were feeling was breaking my heart. I have felt them too and I knew they were suffering.

šŸ˜”filled with anxiety.
šŸ˜”watching the clock at 2am for hours at a time, mind racing about all the things; family, clients, bills, schedules.
šŸ˜”fearfully wondering if they could really do the work they believe in because it just feels so hard right now.
šŸ˜”nervous they won’t actually succeed to the level they desire and maybe should just get a 9-5 instead.
šŸ˜”insecure they need to learn more or get more credentials as soon as possible.
šŸ˜”so afraid the money will run out.
šŸ˜”overwhelmed by all the ‘have tos’ for business
šŸ˜”uncertain which of all the strategies will be best for them.

My heart felt heavy.Tears welled in my eyes.My intense wave of sadness was quickly washed away as I remembered one very important thing…. this no longer the reality. These words were back at the beginning.

šŸ¤©This was before the work we did together.
šŸ¤©This was before they bet on themselves.
šŸ¤©This was before they had support.
šŸ¤©This was before they had a toolbox customized to them.
šŸ¤©This was before they turned up the volume on their heart to access how they really wanted to feel on the daily.

I closed the initial questionnaire window and opened the folder with the notes from the program, testimonials and responses to the experience.
Again my eyes filled with tears as I began reading the words on the screen… but this time, they were tears of joy, gratitude, pride and celebration.
Just a few weeks prior, the same women who were feeling all the heaviness were reporting very different things.

šŸŽ‰Immense confidence in their own work in the world – (which resulted in making offers and making sales!)
šŸŽ‰Intentionally creating a life and business that is based on their core values and hearts desires – leading to so much more joy and impact!
šŸŽ‰Decided women going all in on themselves and taking actions to get incredible results!
šŸŽ‰Reawakened her self trust and going her own way with courage and bravery.
šŸŽ‰ENJOYING her life again!
šŸŽ‰Redefining the ‘rules’ to her own success and loving her process!
šŸŽ‰Having meaningful conversations and connections in ways she could never have imagined!
šŸŽ‰Making more money than every before.
šŸŽ‰Having clarity for her boundaries so she can serve in an even bigger way.

The truth is we all have the opportunity to be Warriors in our life and business. We all have the invitation to cultivate these qualities no matter what the circumstances. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder of what’s possible.

Seeing these words above is such a powerful reminder not only to myself but to my clients, potential clients, past clients and everything in between because these characteristics are innate in each of us. We just may need help remembering how to access them.

So no, I won’t pour salt on the wound, tell you all the reasons you have to take this program or you will fail at life, or give you a false sense of belief that I have all the answers.

But I will 1000% give you an invitation to get curious and ask yourself are you really living the kind of live you imagined? Are you waking up everyday with a deep sense of gratitude for what you *get* to experience on the daily? Do you find yourself excited about the activities that fill the hours of your day? Because the reality is we are the only ones who decide what to do with our time everyday. Doesn’t it seem more fun, enjoyable, happier, and exciting to create a life around the things we actually like and desire to do?

We may not get to decide every single thing that happens to us, but we do get to decide how we want to feel and respond to it. That is where the magic lives.

Worrier to Warrior is open for a few more days before we begin. (click here to view more info) If you feel called give less attention and energy the worry in you and step into the warrior you already are, send me a message and let’s get you in. (Yes, Payment plans available for this 2 weeks of trainings and 3 weeks of additional support live with me.)

If you know this is for you, you feel it in your heart. Your monkey mind will tell you all kinds of things to keep you out of this but you know the truth by the way it feels.

Here for you if you’re ready.

I believe in you. <3

Keri is fascinated by human behavior, Universal Principles and all things joyful! Keri is a self proclaimed professional encourager, intuitive magician of life, and a beach lover! 

Keri Gavin is a transformation and success mentor that combines the science of the brain with the intuition of the heart to help soulful entrepreneurs make more money, enjoy more freedom and have more fun by changing their belief systems, through what she calls becoming Miracle Minded. 
Keri believes in working with Heart-Centered humans who are ready to go their own way, rebelling against all the ‘should’s’ and letting the heart lead.

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instagram: @keri.gavin