Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  But this morning sitting in my living room there is a piece of our holiday decorations that stopped me in my tracks.  It summed up why it’s always been my favorite.. The piece reads:

Joy. Love. Peace. Believe. Christmas.

Those are the things that I believe create the magic in our lives *all* year long.  Christmas is just the time we collectively agree to ‘believe’ – it’s like we somehow need to give ourselves permission to ‘believe’ in things when things aren’t in the holiday season but we don’t want to be judged in some way, so we shrink back to the habits and patterns that make us feel like us.  Yes, even if we don’t want to!  

The thing is, belief is where it all starts.  Belief is the kindling or the match to the fire.  Belief is the foundation to the structure of a home.  Without it, you can’t get the end results.  There is an energy around Christmas that happens where people start off excited, kind, generous, but then somewhere around 12/20 or so that energy shifts.  Things become frantic and full of stress and anxiety.  Here is what I want to consider as we go into the holiday with friends and family:

Presence over presents.

What I mean is be where you’re feet are.  Here’s a quick tip on how to do that:

Add a sticky note to your computer – make a reminder to come up on your phone every few hours – set these words onto the backscreen image of your phone (because the phone is the biggest distraction!) tha reads:  “How present are you right now!?”  

Think about it – when the computer has 2887 tabs open, it runs slow and sluggish.  So do you.  When you’re distracted and busy and not paying attention you’re not present and fully in the moment.  And ps.  The whole point is to be in the moment!  

So if you can ask yourself ‘how present and I right now?’  It’s a trigger right back to your current awareness — with ripple effects.

Here’s how that plays out in real life – The a cashier you’re working with has been working all day with customers – probably some of those customers aren’t so nice.  It’s your turn to check out and just before they start ringing your items up simply look them in the eye and ask ‘How are you?’  Open a conversation.

The most powerful gift you can give someone is your full attention.


So you open a dialogue with someone who probably is on autopilot and hasn’t had anyone even notice them unless it was to tell them they were doing something wrong. (missed a coupon, overcharged them etc.)

Then actually engage in the conversation. Ask questions. Talk with them.  Maybe in that moment they actually feel noticed.  Imagine what that does for everyone who they serve for the rest of the day!  

Can you see how 1 person can have a ripple effect?   It’s so much more than just checking things off the list.  Every moment of everyday you have a choice to be present or living out of your heart.   Your emotional thinking is in the past.  It’s already over.  Your mental thinking – your to dos – your strategies of getting it all done — is in the future, but neither of those things are happening RIGHT NOW.  So be where you’re feet are.   Shine so that others can shine too.  ‘A candle doesn’t become any less dim by lighting other candles.’  

This time of year is full of accidents.  Just yesterday on the highway I saw about 10 little fender bender accidents.  That tells me people are not present!


So I invite you to use this tool as we go into the holiday weekend.  You will likely be with some part of your family or friends or even strangers that trigger you.  

Choose presence.
Choose grace.
Chose love.

The to do list always gets done.  The gifts always work out perfectly – because everything is working in perfect order. Remember you are always in control of your decisions.  Gabby Bernstein shares a tool to come back to peace that I love.   By touching your pointer finger to your thumb, your middle finger to your thumb, your ring finger to your thumb your pinky to your thumb while matching one word with each finger, recite ‘Peace begins with me.’ you can cycle through this as many times as you want and it’s a quick easy go-to tool at any time you begin to feel yourself start to spiral! It’s always up to us.  It’s always our decision.  

I hope this has been a helpful reminder of what is really important this holiday.

I wish you peace, joy , love and may the magic of believing be strong in your heart.

With love,

The Intentionally Aligned Entrepreneur