​I forgot to pee.

A lot. Yep. True story.

The days would start — My coffee on my desk and off I’d go 0-60. A few hours into it, I’d be at my computer knowing I had to pee but I need to ‘do just one more thing’ ….for like 2 hours..
I always felt like I never had enough hours in the day to get it all done.
One day I realized I actually created a habit — I would forget to pee.
(Not to mention how many meals I skipped too. Who has time to eat when you’re building a business? #hustlebadge)
I remember casually mentioning to my friend, “I am working so much I actually forget to pee!” — Like it was a GOOD thing!?
She looked at me like I was bananas. (hello sign!)
I had somehow spiraled out of control.
Most days I didn’t even know what day it was.
They all blended together.
I was ‘busy.’
That’s how you do this business thing, right?
You’re busy, right? (wrong.)
My brain would start racing before I even opened my eyes.
I saved that webinar to watch.
I have a new ebook to listen read.
I have 27 podcast episodes on 2x speed in my cue.
Oh and the kids.
Yeah they need to get packed up for school.
Did they even do their homework? I couldn’t remember.
I felt like I was living in Groundhog Day.
Except I was on the verge of burnout and secretly debated just going back to being a teacher with a 9-5.
It was an early morning, around 5:45am and I had been working for an hour already.
My daughter came out of her room, crawled on my lap and said ‘when are you going to not have so much work so you can hangout with us, Mom? You’re always working, even when it’s super early. When do we get to have time with you without your work.’
What I can’t express in words right here is the sound of my heart shattering in that moment.
I had gotten so busy and so buried in building this business with all the hustle and grinding I had been conditioned into, that I didn’t even notice I was missing my life.
I had bought into the idea that you have to kill yourself to reach success.
I had subscribed to the mentality that you have to do #allthethings to get clients.
I adopted the belief that if every minute of the day wasn’t filled with something work related, my clients would never find me.
In that moment with my daughter, I closed my computer, scooped her up and sat on the couch just snuggling with her
For the first time in a long time I remembered what it felt like to be present.
I stopped pushing.
I stopped racing.
I stopped being onto the next thing before I was even done with this thing.
I decided to burn it down and start again.
I reconnected to my heart and discovered an easier way.
I unlocked the magic that had been held captive within.
If you’re doing all the things they are telling you and it’s not working for you, I see you.
I know exactly how you feel.
I know the suffering you’re in right now, this redhotminute.
I also know there is an easier way.
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You can put down your hustle badge.
You can reach the people that need you in a much brighter way.
A way that is exciting and fun (and repeatable!)
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I’d love to know — Do you feel like you have a repeatable process to attract your dream clients?  Do you feel like your’e working with the best of the best, as if you could have picked them yourself?    Hit reply and let me know!

To your aligned success…

In love and magic,