Want some real life evidence? — Last Sunday I set the intention to see yellow rubber ducks as a sign from the Universe I’m on the right path with something… I usually choose something random that feels happy and fun but is not common in my day to day experience …

Monday I traveled to New Hampshire with my Mom and my kids for a surprise trip for a few days … we were just walking out of dinner and this is what I saw …💛

12 hours after that I saw this…

and then within a few more hours I saw this


Stay awake – stay open – follow the omens!

You are fully. supported. Always. In all ways.

This is my normal.. it can be yours too.

One of the most essential things to creating a life and business you love, from the inside out, is actually knowing what you want. You see, we often walk around thinking of all the things we don’t want, yet we have no idea what we actually do want.

If you want support around that, and want to discover what it feels like to create your life and business by design, hit reply and let me know. I can absolutely help you do that.

Maybe you’ve heard this before and you’ve tried the things that people have told you, but you didn’t get the results they said you would. It’s not your fault and it’s not that it ‘doesn’t work.’ Sometimes there are a few little tweaks that can be made and you’re entire life will begin to feel like Harry Potter world. Seriously.

The thing that makes my work a little different is understanding the process with both a scientific and energetic level.

When I was learning how to drive my dad was trying to teach me how to drive standard/manual but I just couldn’t get it. When he had me pull over and he explained what was happening in the engine it all clicked for me! That is exactly why I created the framework I use with my clients daily. Explaining why things work the way they do, on a scientific and energetic level, truly unlocks the combination of prosperity, wealth, abundance and joy.

If you’re ready to welcome the life of your dreams, hit reply and we’ll get you started!

In love and magic,


P.S. Click here to sign up for a 90 minute intensive ‘The Hearts Desire’ to get crystal clear on the life you actually desire! Clarity brings power. Are you ready?