Hi, I’m Keri Gavin!

i believe in working with heart-centered humans who are ready to go their own way; rebelling against all the “should’s” and letting the heart lead.

I’m a transformational and success mentor that combines the science of the brain with the intuition of the heart to help soulful entrepreneurs make more money, enjoy more freedom and have more fun by changing their belief systems, through what I call becoming Miracle Minded™.

I help women actually discover the beliefs they have running in their brain about their life.  I help women see that their brain is kind of like a computer operating system. Then I help them decide what beliefs they’d actually like to have and we give their mental computer and upgrade!

In short, we bring your mental laptop (your brain) to the apple genius (me) who helps you upgrade and reprogram your software so that you can operate at optimal capacity.

Not a computer geek (like me)?! Here’s another way to think about it. In my previous photography business that I’ve owned for 12 years, I often used different lenses to achieve my desired photographs. In my mindset mentoring work, we do the same thing – I help women discover the lenses that they may be looking through (that they don’t even know they are using!). Those lenses may be keeping them apart from their true abundance and success.

We work together by applying new lenses to focus in on their desires, reprogram their beliefs, and create a roadmap to success based on their heart.

Here’s a little insight into the magic we can create…

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Heart’s Alignment:

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90-Minute Intensive

Earn passive income by learning how to create digital products!

75 Digital Product Ideas for Creatives

The number one question I hear when it comes to creating digital products is this: “Sounds amazing but I have no idea what I would create!”

Can you relate? Well, what if I told you, it’s actually much easier than you think?

I put together 75 ideas in various industries including marketing, photography, wellness, coaching, hiking, gardening, actors, musicians, writers, and more!

To get the ideas flowing, download this free guide right now and start brainstorming your own digital product ideas!

Passion to Profit with Digital Products

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to create, market, and sell your very own digital product, all while making lasting memories and helping others pursue their own passions will help you do exactly that.  

Imagine being able to create a product just once and sell it over and over again, generating an additional $1,000, $2,000, or even $5,000 and more each month! Plus, by sharing your expertise and knowledge, you’ll be helping others achieve their own goals and passions too! 

Create your own digital product in just 4 weeks that can sell on autopilot while you focus on making memories with family and friends! AKA make money doing what you love, so you can do more of what you love to do.

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